Friday, June 04, 2004

Longing For The English Language

In the list I posted last week of things I miss most about America, I forgot to mention perhaps the most obvious: the English language. It's interesting to try to speak Russian and to hear it as well -- Masha asked, for instance, whether we think she and Tom sound like they're arguing when they talk because of the intonations in the language -- but I want to hear my native tongue again.

I loved turning on the TV in our hotel and being able to find some channel other than BBC or VH-1 where they speak English. And I've been listening to CDs on Stephanies stereo -- thank you so much, Stephanie!!! -- for two weeks now. It will be so good to be home and know what people are saying everyday.

Even better, now when Kimberly tells me I have a "tone," I can tell her that's just the way we Russians talk. (Tone, intonation, get it?) Masha tells Jeff he couldn't possibly pass for a Russian, by the way, because he dresses like an American and is far too happy. I, on the other hand, fit right in. At dinner tonight, after I messed my hair up a little, Tom and Masha said I had the Russian expression down pat.

I am the Redneck Russky!!!


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