Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Post For Elli

Hey Sister,

Mommy hasn't sent a note from you to me yet, but I thought I'd write to say hello anyway. I sure do miss you. Mommy tells me you're having fun with Maw and Paw in Memphis. I'm very proud of you and brother for being such a good girl and boy for Mommy during the past two weeks in Louisiana and Tennessee. I can't wait to see you in four days and give you a great big hug!!!

I have a surprise for you, too. They have all kinds of pretty things here in Russia, and I bought you something. I think you'll love it. It's fit for the princess you are.

Be good for Mommy the next few days, and have her type a note from you to me. Ya tibia lablu (I love you).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a transcript of our conversation.

Mommy: Would you like to write Daddy a note.

Elli: (Nods yes with her head and smiles from ear to ear)

Mommy: What would you like to say?

Elli: I don't know (then throws her head back and laughs uproariously, which then makes Anthony laugh. So at this point Elli knows that saying "I don't know" makes brother laugh and that is as far as I could get with her. But she apparently has enjoyed this chat with you nonetheless!)

Love you,


12:34 AM  

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