Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Bagful Of Russian Goodies

Jeff and I went shopping for trinkets in Nizhny today, and I filled my backpack with an array of items -- and without managing to spend much money. Everything here is so inexpensive.

It's easy to shop for girls and women because the stores of full of beautiful painted boxes and eggs, scarves, carvings, etc. The selection for little boys is not so broad. I think I managed to find something you'll like, though, Anthony, so Daddy has a surprise for you and Elli when he comes home in just four more days!!!

Masha had suggested that Jeff and I do as much shopping here as possible because the cost of living, and thus the cost of buying trinkets, is so much higher in Moscow. That will be the only place I can find one of those cool Russian hats, though. I hope I can find one so I can look like a true Russky Redneck. I'm also still on the hunt for an old Soviet textbook of some sort for Stephanie. Masha hasn't thought of anyplace yet where I might find one, and I haven't seen any used bookstores. And I hope to find sweatshirts and or t-shirts in Moscow.

They also have supersize shoehorns here. I don't even have to squat in the entranceway to put on my shoes, which is convenient because Russians don't wear shoes inside so we're always removing our shoes. I desperately want to find one of those shoehorns for Anthony and me. He has been fascinated with shoehorns ever since Maw and Paw introduced him to them while Kimberly was in the United Kingdom in April.

One observation about the shopping scene here: They sell women's undergarments at streetside stands and in the underground shops near the train stations. I saw one woman trying on a bra Saturday, presumably over her shirt but it's hard to say for sure because she had her jean jacket pulled out like a screen. I probably shouldn't notice such things, but it's kind of hard not to. Very bizarre.

Russians generally, and even some of the Christians here, are not the least bit modest in their attire. They seem especially fond of extremely tight clothing and low-cut jeans. That is one area where I see room for some spiritual maturing.


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