Tuesday, June 01, 2004

They Shoot Vegetables Here

OK, not really, but I did go "salad 'hunting'" at a cafe on the "walking street" in Nizhny. Salad hunting was the name of the meal I had. Not exactly sure what was in it. The menu said it had "the hen" (I'm guessing chicken) mushrooms, grapes, black olives and mayonaise. Let's just say I was thankful for all of the mayonaise because there was so much of it I didn't see much of the strange concoction as I ate it.

Jeff picked the cafe because he saw that it offered shishkabobs, but then he ended up ordering a pork chop with cheese on it. I was reluctant to order meat here -- never know how well they cook it in foreign countries -- but now I wish I had. I sample Jeff's meal and it was quite tasty.

Both of us got a kick out of the menu. It looks like the people on the cafe typed the Russian terms for their meals into an Internet translator and copied the automatic English translations word for word. One of my favorites read something like "language with a garnish." We're thinking that meant cow tongue because people asked us earlier this week if we had ever eaten cow tongue. I haven't -- and I don't plan to try it in Russia.


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