Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Signing Off From Nizhny

Jeff and Masha returned to Dzerzinsk today for the second lecture at the library there. Tom stayed home to prepare a lesson on Isaiah for this evening, and I stayed home because I've been sick at my stomach since the middle of last night -- nothing bad but bad enough to deter me from bus and train rides for two-plus hours out of the day.

We all return to Moscow by train tomorrow, and I don't expect to post anything else to the blog before then. The train leaves at 11 a.m. and should arrive in Moscow at about 7 p.m. I just hope I'm still not having stomach problems for that trek.

We'll see some sites in Moscow on Friday, and possibly on Thursday evening and Saturday morning, before we head to the airport Saturday. Our flight leaves at 5 p.m. Moscow time, and Lord willing, we will be safely on the ground at Dulles late Saturday night Virginia time. If we find an Internet cafe in Moscow and I'm motivated to write, you'll here more from me. But I don't have much to say right now.

I'm ready to come home.


Blogger David R said...

Hope you're feeling better!

6:41 AM  
Blogger Rick & Peg said...

Danny and Jeff:

It will be great to see you two in person again. These notes have been edifying for us here in the states. In a way I will be sad to see them stop but glad to have your back in our midst.

Tell Jeff that an Alton Bailey and his wife visited tonight (Wednesday). They had been visiting from Alabama but are leaving tomorrow morning.

Danny...I hope you get to feeling better by the time you leave for Moscow. Your trip and the encouragement both groups received as a result makes me want to do this with all of the men we support. I am sure we all would benefit from such a visit with them in their work.

Godspeed on your travel home.

Your brother,


6:53 AM  
Blogger stephanie said...

Hello Danny and Jeff!! This blogging thing isn't so bad after I finally got signed on. Danny, I hope you are feeling better today! I cannot thank you enough for making this trip and keeping in touch with us here. I feel like I know the Christians there in Russia personally and cannot wait until next year when I will be there!! Please tell them they are in my prayers and are a great encouragement to me. I even had an opportunity to mention your trip in my class at school (yes, it occured to me a parent could call and I could loose my job but then I could go to Russia sooner). It featured a high school student and we got on the topic of Russia's religious history or lack of it. Don't worry about the Soviet textbook - I'll be happy with any gift from Russia! Just make sure it will take me back in time! Thanks again for all your efforts and I am ready to hear every detail. Safe and happy travels.

7:26 AM  

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