Monday, May 24, 2004

Sunday Is A Busy Day Here

A little more about what the work here requires of Tom and other men on Sundays: He preaches at 10 a.m. in Niznhy, after traveling about a half-hour by bus and foot to the meeting place. He and/or other men (and sometimes Masha, if she does not have to work) then rush to grab some lunch in Nizhny before boarding the bus to Pavlovo. The bus ride is one-and-a-half hours.

Tom then preaches at a separate service for the three sisters in Pavlovo. If they have time, they eat dinner and visit before catching the return bus. They can get home as late as 9 p.m.

Tom no doubt is busy at work for the Lord on the Lord's day. The brethren in Nizhny also meet a few times throughout the week for Bible studies. Jeff and I are looking forward to a hectic schedule here. We're about to log off after two hours at the Internet cafe now and head back to Tom and Masha's. We'll have dinner tonight with the family of the four-year-old boy who needed the clothes. And as I recall from Masha's comments on Saturday, we already have classes and visits to homes scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Jeff also will be conducting a lecture for non-Christians in nearby Dzerzinsk on Saturday, and we will visit with Alexander that day as well. He has some questions and doubts about the book of Revelation that he is eager to discuss with Jeff.

Until later ...


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Blogger Libby said...

Hi Jeff,
Got your pictures and put them in Camedia Album on the D drive under "Family Members Stuff".... "Jeff".... "Russia". I did edit a few of them, but kept the originals. The pictures of the Christians indoors needed a flash. I lightened them, but I think you could get a better one w/ a flash.

I haven't read your Pleonast site yet.. Holly will have to get me on... but it is so nice being able to get news and pictures this fast.

Last night we were looking at the birds... think the larger one is a catbird. Then Lynn called and said she thought they were catbirds. So much more gratifying to raise than starlings!


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