Monday, May 24, 2004

Just Call Me Wide Body

I haven't had to sleep with Jeff at Tom and Masha's because they have a cot in addition to the pullout couch like the one we shared in the home of Lela, the Christian in Moscow. Apparently, I take up too much room. At least that's what I gathered from a comment Jeff made Saturday night.

He volunteered to take the cot, and I said we should take turns each night. He insisted on taking the cot. I was touched -- thought he was being magnaminous, kind of like washing a brother's feet or something. But then he said something about how he could sleep more comfortably on the cot than me because of his "narrow" body. Can you believe that? The preacher called me fat!!!

I am shocked and dismayed. I am heartbroken. I am crushed. I don't know how I can go on. Guess I'll just have to go eat some more dumplings and chocolate to soothe my shattered ego. :)))


Blogger Scott's said...

That was a good laugh! Thanks. Chocolate helps everything...mmm and dumplings sounds good too. I think I need breakfast (It's 5:17 am here)

1:17 PM  

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