Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Countdown Begins

Jeff Smelser and I (Danny Glover) will be leaving for Russia in two days. Jeff is the evangelist at the Centreville church of Christ in Virginia, and I am a member there. Our congregation provides financial support to Tom Kireykin, who preaches in Nizhny Novgorod and Pavlovo, and Jeff and I are traveling to Russia to meet Tom, his wife, Masha, and our other brethren in that region.

As part of our report back to the Centreville church on the gospel efforts in Russia, I am launching this online journal to try to keep the brethren informed as frequently as possible during our trip. Hopefully we will have ready access to the Internet so Jeff and/or I can post reports regularly. I have invited members of the church at Centreville, as well as others in my earthly and spiritual families, to post their comments to the site, so maybe we can get a good global dialogue going.

Please pray for us and the Christians in Russia as our journey begins.


Blogger Scott's said...

This is Charlei...I just wanted to wish you guys luck and a safe trip even tho' I think you'll be gone by the time this is posted. I just got my driving permit yesterday so you'll probably be even more thankful that you're out of the country (LOL just kidding I'm scared to death to drive). I'm keeping you in my prayers and the whole congregation there as well. Hopefully we will gain some more fellow Christians while you're over there. Good luck!

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