Monday, May 24, 2004

A Fan Of The Kennedys

I didn't get a chance to note this in our rush to leave Moscow the other day: Lela, the Christian in Moscow who welcomed us into her home on very short notice Friday night, had a black-and-white photo of John and Jackie Kennedy prominently displayed in a bookcase in her home. I thought that kind of strange -- you know, the Cold War, Cuban missile crisis and all that.

When I asked her why she had the photo, she said she just liked Jackie Kennedy. She also noted that she was only 18 when Kennedy was shot, so the politics of that day didn't impact her as much because she was so young. She remembered very clearly, however, the day that Kennedy was shot. I was three years from the womb at the time, but isn't it interesting that even everyday Russians remember the day a U.S. president was assasinated? I can't say that as an American, I can recall the days that most other global leaders have been killed. I do remember the day Israeli leader Yithak Rabin was assasinated in 1995 ... but only because that happened to be my birthday as well.


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