Tuesday, May 25, 2004

A Few Words About Russian Teens (for Charlei)

Charlei wanted to know about Russian teens, and I had my first chance to ask last night when we visited the Moskvins. Their daughter, Tatyana (who also answers to the name Tanya), is 17 and will graduate this year. Students graduate earlier from high school in Russia than the United States.

Tatyana did not have much to say about Russian teens in general, except that those who are not Christians like to spend their time drinking and visiting discos. That may not sound too different than what many American teenagers do, but young people here more openly engage in such behavior. There are no social taboos -- and I don't suppose any laws, either -- against teenage drinking.

As for Tatyana, she said this: "I personally just sit at home and cross-stitch and make dolls." (I have a photo of her and two of the dolls she made, each one of which takes her one to two days to make.) She said she also likes to shop and take her young brother for walks. (He's the toddler who absolutely loved the clothes, light-up shoes and toys we brought to Russia for him.)

Tatyana became a Christian at age 12, after her parents had reconciled (more on that later). She sends her thanks for the gift of lotions, etc., that you all sent. She also would like to correspond with teenagers in the United States. I encourage all of you to do so. There are so few Christians here, and even fewer teenagers who are Christians, that letters certainly would cheer the spirits. "Old people" are welcome to write to Tatyana as well. I'm sure she would love to here from anyone.

Only five Christians here have computers, so "snail mail" is the only option for communication. Jeff will have Tatyana's address for you when we get home.


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(Charlei Again) Thanks for that information. I'm definetly open for snail mail. Any addresses you want to bring home for people that want correspondance are welcome. And while we may have more social taboos against things such as teen drinking and clubbing at younger ages (unfortunately there isn't so much when you're older), it is still done somewhat too openly for comfort. Partying and drinking are all quite the rage in the US and even as a Christian, Danny, I think you'd be amazed how many "parties" I've been invited to.

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