Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Blog Is Now Open

Some people apparently have had technical difficulties in joining the "Mission To Russia" blog and accepting the invitations to post comments. It takes to long to send new invitations, so I have just opened the Web log to posting for anyone on the Internet. I think that means any of you in Centreville, etc., who are interested can post just by clicking on the "comments" link at the end of any post and then clicking on the "post a comment" link on the subsequent page to contact Jeff or me. Hopefully that will work.


Blogger Rick & Peg said...

Hi Danny and Jeff:

Thank you for giving me back my voice. You know how I like to talk!

What a great medium for sharing your trip with us. It is a nightly event that I print your reports for Peg and I to read. They are encourging to us all and I hope and pray that the saints there continue to grow and prosper spiritually. I know hearing about your studies and their dedication is edifying to us.

Talk to you later!


5:32 AM  

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