Friday, May 28, 2004

Two Sermons Ready For Sunday

Today was a quiet day of Bible study for me because I hope to deliver at least one sermon Sunday and possibly 1.5 or two, depending on whether Jeff decides he wants to do any speaking in Pavlovo in the afternoon.

I'm planning to speak in Nizhny in the morning. The topic, "A Better Country," will sketch the heritage of Christians in Russia, America and across the world as a holy nation and peculiar people. As an American, I was raised to believe that my earthly country was better than the one where I am writing from. But the greatest kingdom is the one all Christians occupy now in the church and will one day occupy eternally in heaven. No earthly nation will ever be so blessed.

If I speak in Pavlovo, the topic will be the unfathomable riches we have in Christ -- far greater than any wealth we could hope to find in this life, in Russia or America. If we lose sight of those riches, we may lose our right to claim them some day.

I sketched outlines for both of those topics today. That took the better part of the afternoon, and I spent the morning in the Internet cafe. This evening we had a Bible study where Jeff just opened the floor to questions, and our brothers and sisters here are curious about an array of topics -- from everything as simple as an explanation of how and where the gospel was spread in the 1st century to queries about the teachings on sin in I John, creation and Revelation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Kimberly,

You are in my prayers, but I know your sermons will be wonderful and well recieved. I can't wait to hear about them.

I love you,


3:13 AM  

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